The Huon Pine story

H uon Pine was the first of Tasmania's conifers to be commercially exploited, particularly for Shipbuilding and Furniture making. The timber itself is a mellow, fine-textured wood, with a characteristic pleasant fragrance.

H uon Pine is easily recognised by its feathery foliage and drooping branches. It is similar in appearance to the common Cypress

Huon Pine reaches a great age. Trees over 2000 years old have been dated, placing the species among the oldest living organisms on Earth. Some specimens, still growing, could be over 5000 years old. In its natural state, Huon Pine grows to 20 or 30 metres high and some trees may reach 40 metres.

istritution is restricted to West and South-East Tasmania where it occurs along river banks and in other scattered wetter patches.


H uon Pine is salvaged from the rivers in South-West Tasmania. It is commonly associated with Rainforest trees such as Myrtle, Leatherwood, Sassafras, Celery-Top Pine and Blackwood.

uon Pine has remained the most prized rainforest timber.